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In my own spiritual development I discovered and created some of my own techniques. Other people asked me about them, and so via workshops and development groups I have gained much experience in teaching others about them, not for any particular religion or path, but for each of us personally.

Inevitably I was asked to provide notes, and in the case of meditation, recordings for people to use, so here they are, for you to purchase should you wish.

To purchase an item, please do so by Paypal to, stating which item you would like and giving the address you would like it to be posted to.

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Meditation Booklet_MEDThis booklet was originally written to support my workshop of the same name. The workshop arose from my own personal journey in learning to meditate, people asking about it, and then asking for a workshop. The concept of meditation is simple, managing to get into the right ‘space’ to do it, isn’t, but with the right techniques and practice it’s very achievable.

Price £4.50 including postage



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Meditation for Spiritual Development Book & CD_MEDThis booklet and accompanying CD is intended for those who have some experience of meditating. If you are an absolute beginner, or are struggling, then please buy my booklet and/or CD, ‘Meditation for Beginners and Strugglers’ first, and practice those exercises before moving on to these.

This booklet and CD is the result of my ‘Meditation for Spiritual Development’ workshop. The workshop is, in a way, a representation of the way in which I have used meditation for my own spiritual development. Many books have been written on meditation, but for just as many people they go far too deeply into the subject. This booklet is a starting point, use what you will, let it take you where your spirit needs to go. Always remember that the destination isn’t important, but the journey certainly is, enjoy it!

Price £10.50 inc postage

Seasonal Meditations CD_MEDDouble CD (each over 60 mins) and explanatory booklet.

A guided meditation for each of the Seasonal Celebrations of the year, plus background information.

CD1 - Introduction; Counting the breaths exercise; Imbolc Meditation; Beltane Meditation; Lammas Meditation; and Samhain Meditation.

CD2 - Counting the breaths exercise; Spring Equinox Meditation; Summer Solstice Meditation; Autumn Equinox Meditation,  Winter Solstice Meditation.

Price £13.50 inc postage.

Animal Guides CD_MED 

 Double CD set:

A Meditation to Meet your Animal Guide:

Meeting your Animal Guide or guides is always exciting. BUT, try to put aside the animal guide that you would like to have, because your animal guides can change, depending on what you most need help with at this time. So, the meditation can be used over and over again. This meditation will help you to connect you with your animal guide, who will help you on your spiritual journey.

An Alchemical Journey with the trees:

In this meditation we  are going to use some of the beautiful trees from this land to help us to develop and find balance in our lives. It is a slow and gentle journey, as is appropriate for working with tree energy, for while their energy can be very powerful, it is always subtle, allowing gentle change.

This meditation can, and indeed should, be used on a regular basis, and especially when we find ourselves in trying circumstances, as it may give us deep insights into ourselves and how we react to different situations.

Price £10.50 inc postage

Tarot and Oracle Card Reading for Beginners and Strugglers_MThis booklet was written as a result of the many questions we were asked in our travels with our mobile book stall. It is my hope that it answers most of the questions you may have, and whether you wish to read Tarot or oracle cards, gives you a starting place.

It isn’t easy to find teachers on this subject, certainly not in the West Country anyway, so hopefully this will plug that gap to an extent anyway. I do sometimes run workshops, so if you are interested in one, please contact do me.

Price £5 inc postage.

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